Worlds Richest People get sheepish about paying their taxes.

So the most worlds powerful assholes people are currently on their annual jolly in Davos (didn’t this used to be called the Bilderberg or has it always been the World Ecomonic Forum??) and have been doing their best to give the rest of us the impression that a) they care and b) they are going to take action to remedy the rampant inequality (and therefore increased risk) which they themselves were instrumental in creating.

Now, in my socialist utopia an individual or corporation would not be allowed to accrue so much wealth, and those who had managed it would be encouraged to give it to those less fortunate, ideally striking some sort of stable balance between greed and innovation. And lets be honest and call it what it is, pure unashamed greed, which has catapulted these perfectly average humans towards becoming stratospherically wealthy. I do not believe they are the best of the best and have unique insights, charm and skills money cannot buy. They simply have allot of money and we all know that often the biggest cunts are the ones who get paid (or pay themselves) the most, so from my experience often if you’re cash rich you stand a higher than average chance of being an utter arsehole with it. I expect everyone knows this is the case. Good examples would be The Koch Brothers, Simon Cowell, Trump etc.

Anyway so these tightwads were all lording it up on Davos, the government officials there on the tax dollar. They organized a talk including Historian Rutger Bregman from The Netherlands, who pointed out the gaping hole in their ‘forum’ which was the collective sweeping under the carpet of their tax liabilities. Watch below:

And keep in mind that these people aren’t better than any of us, they don’t have superior skills or intellect (often they would come in below average from my experience), they are beneficiaries of exploitation in one form or another and need to be taxed as such. I suspect that the situation will get resolved without their input if they continue along this road.