SHY FX @ The Bricklayers – 24th May 2008

Another absoloutly storming night was had by all saturday just gone, Benny Page and Shy FX both devastated the dancefloor of the Bricklayers pulling out all the stops to deliver bass heavy sets crossing through a variety of genre’s.
The Thump crew battled against the four elements to keep the music going all night in the Garden area however the barbeque was cancelled this time around due to some technical difficulties with the equipment. Nonetheless they pulled off another good night and everyone was getting down especially round the impromptu pole dancers! (Facebook piccies here).
Anyway back to the main attraction, after waiting all night when 1am came round there was a full room of people just waiting for Shy to do his stuff, and he certainly didn’t dissappoint. Starting with some classic reggae vibes and quickly dropping in some filthy dubstep including that heavy new Chase n Status ting which set the place alight, he moved seamlessly from genre to genre before dropping a dubstep relick of Everyday which was the perfect stepping stone to get onto the drum and bass version, and from there he was off blending a variety of big tunes and big dubplates til the crowd went mad.
I think everyone had a wicked night although I did hear a couple of dressed up girls complaining that Shy didn’t play any of his hit tunes (Drum and Bass do’s aren’t really like that ladies), and a few other people just didn’t get the dubstep action but we’re here to innovate and educate so get to know!
More pictures and video’s to follow!