Sampled By Who?? Cypress Hill pt. 3

Yo this is the most obvious sample on the whole of the Black Sunday LP, which is also perhaps the nicest beat. I got the drums too! Recorded in 1968 and originally released on the ‘Dusty In Memphis’, this little number was written by John Hurley and Ronnie Wilkins – who originally offered it to Aretha Franklin. Also appeared in a scene in Pulp Fiction…

Dusty Springfield – Son Of A Preacher Man

And the drums! Lee Dorsey was from New Orleans and began life after being in the Navy as a prizefighter. He began his recording career in the early 60’s and was going long enough to open for The Clash on their US tour in 1980. This tune – written by Allen Toussaint, first appeared on the Ride Your Pony LP of 1966, with backing provided by The Meters. Loads of people have sampled the drums at the beginning of this tune, comment if you recognize any!, and Muggs also sampled maybe 3 different artists’ versions, which there are many, of this tune over the course of the Black Sunday LP.

Lee Dorsey – Get Outta My Life Woman

And Here’s the Cypress Hill version

And here’s a slightly different version I found on my HD.

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