Rock The Bells 2011 Tour


So the Line Up for Rock The Bells 2011 has been released.
Looking pretty sweet this year, Nas on the Illmatic tip, Cypress Hill reprising Black Sunday, Black Moon doing Enter Tha Stage, Mobb Deep going back to The Infamous days (surely Hell On Earth would have been a better shout?), Raekwon and Ghostface going back in on OB4CL and the GZA performing Liquid Swordz all at one show is fucking ridiculous!!

The poster says its international once again, however the UK line up last time round was a bare bones let down. Hopefully this year they will keep it closer to the US version, which if they do will guarantee my attendance!

There’s not allot of info up on their website as yet, click through to go have a nose about though, and I’ll definately be posting more news of the UK show when I hear it!