RIP Roc Raida

Sad news today as it has been officially announced that legendary deejay and Hiphop ambassador Roc Raida has passed away at the age of 37. Details on how and why are scarce on the net at the minute, but it appears to be down to complications arising from surgery on his spine. I first came across his DJ sets after watching the 95 DMC’s on videotape and being astounded by his repetoire of cuts and the manner in which he delivered them, a true Grandmaster! I’ve been out a found a few cheeky links for some of his sets and releases etc for y’all to catch up on, and maybe remember him by. Also make sure you check out the Xecutioners LP Built From Scratch!!

Links: (n.b. I didn’t upload these just found em, please contact me if there are any issues – and go buy the vinyl fool!!)