New Tunes for Wednesday

Ez all,
It’s wednesday again so I thought I’d chuck a few more bits to listen to online for your perusal. This week I’ve got three new bits and a random ODB tribute I found on my computer.

First Up we have the crate diggin extrodinaire, the original Soul Assassin: DJ Muggs with featured guest Planet Asia. As with most of muggs’s work the beat is nice, I could hod my head to that all day long. I reckon he’s got a new longplayer in the pipeline cos there’s another joint – 9mm doing the rounds too.

DJ Muggs – Pain Language ft.Planet_Asia

Next we have the return of Kool G Rap. Underated MC in my opinion as Mr G Rap has been spitting the hardest bars for longer than I can remember. I like this one!

Kool G Rap – On The Rise Again

This next one is a bit odd, I don’t mind L’il Wayne and there’s a couple of tunes he’s done that I actually like so I’m not dissing him just for the sake of it. But this is a strange tune, Pharell on the boards has come with something very UK, pretty much laying down a dubstep track for wayne to drawl all over. Shout out to MK as I found this on his blog!

L’il Wayne Ft. Pharell – Yes

And here’s a little something I found. Not sure who Freemurda is or what he’s got to do with Mr Dirty Bastard but i likes the beat!

Freemurda – This L Is For Dirt

And finally a new J Rocc live set went up on the Stones Throw podcast today, J Rocc is a heavy heavy DJ if you ever get the chance to peep him at a show make sure you take it.