More Wednesday Wickedness For Yer Earhole

Ok, so after the bits last week I decided to stick up a few more bits I heard recently.
First up here’s some new Saigon with Just Blaze on the boards featuring Baby Cham and Kardinal Offishal called Chillyboom which samples the old Soul II Soul tune, Back To Life (However You need It). Apparantly it’s not going to the on the Greatest Story Never Told but I don’t even know what is gonna be on there so don’t worry about that…

Saigon ft. Baby Cham & Kardinal Offishal – Chillyboom

More reggae tinged vibes here. I don’t know much about this Jazmine Sullivan woman, or this tune actually but it’s alright. Featuring Canada’s favourite rasta Kardinal Offishal it sounds like summertime should sound (in a kinda bent RnB fashion).

Jazmine Sullivan – Need U Bad RMX_ft_Kardinal Offishal

And this is yet more laid back grooves, this time from Raphael Saadiq. People describe this guy as Neo Soul and stuff like that but I’d rather not pidgeon hole the guy and let him sing what he wants. His new album – The Way I See It is out next week (September 16th) and probably worth a listen just to remind you that even though the weather let us right down this year summer still happened.

Raphael Saadiq – The Big Easy

Here’s something for free that you can go download from here: by the Cool Kids talking about being a delivery man. Thses dudes are killing it now imo, so check it out and also peep their latest proper release: The Bake Sale.

The Cool Kids – Delivery Man

And finally here’s and old classic produced by Marley Marl, Bobby Ervin and LL Cool J, I don’t really need to say much more about this, if you’ve never heard it before then you need to get out more!!:

LL Cool J – Mama Said Knock You Out