Method man & redman

Fuckin wicked night! Wuuu

Incredible night, Method Man & Redman rocked the Carling Academy in Bristol, with a banging live performance. They kept the tempo up throughout their PA running from classic tune into classic with the crowd ryhming along. Support Act DJ Vadim an Yarah Bravo were well placed to hype the crowd up before the big dogs got on stage. and pulled of a decent act. But the night belonged to Red & Meth who perferomed numerous hits from the wu family (ODB’s brooklyn zoo & shimmy shimmy ya took the roof off!) as well as their own banga’s. Support was from someone from Gilla House i didn’t catch the name of and Streetlife from the Wu fam (I should apologise – I always thought streetlife was the girl who sings on the Wu albums, so i done him a disservice there, won’t happen again mate). Gonna be sticking up more vidz and piccies in the next few hours!