Ladies Day

OK so it’s monday and the torrential rain has just eased off, which means we need some soulful honey voiced ladies to sing us back to summer. And I got just the thing.

Beyonce is undoubtebly HOT. This tune is curious though, does the looped the vocal at the start say ‘I’m at the gay bar?’ Anyway this is basically an explanation of how the word Diva means ‘female hustler’ apparantly. She’s taken a massive creative license from her two colleagues on this here blog post in my opinion, MIA stills sits at the top on this strange sub-genre for me tho!

Beyonce – Diva Remix Ft. Jay Z

Now for some sublow, bass heavy vibes. This has been about for a bit but i needed a good example to show how poor Beyonce’s effort was! The whole of MIA’s debut LP is fuckin spot on so if you’re liking this vibe go check her out.

MIA – Shells

And now for a ex-good track. Dunno who produced this, but they should be given a stern talking to. The original was alright, not the best tune of 2008 but still a nice listen, whereas this remix is sonically ugly and I can’t get on with it at all. Project Pat drops the weakest guest verse I think I’ve ever heard and the whole thing sticks of a dirty south sound cash in to me. Correct me if I’m wrong.
The original is on me blog here.

Santogold – Shove It Remix ft. Project Pat

Thats yer lot til Wednesday!