How is this guy still in charge?

Gordon Brown, the democratically unelected Prime Minister of the UK once again failed to do the right thing last night and is still in a job. How he thinks he has any support is a complete mystery to me and even said:
“No doubt I have much to learn about a collective way of leading the party and the government. I have to learn how to be a full-time prime minister and a full-time leader of the Labour party.”
in his speech to Labour MPs last night as a reason to keep his job….

I’m sorry Mr Brown – you’ve had plenty of time sitting atop Westminster to learn what’s right and wrong, so stop exercising a mandate you have no right to exercise and kindly leave office now.

If he had any sense of right and wrong he would have called for a General Election soon after Blair’s exit in order to gain approval of his promotion to the top office from the electorate. However it seems very much to me that his fear of losing and the resulting castigation into the political wilderness puts him off letting the public choose.

So is this a democracy? Cos it doesn’t taste like one to me.

Mr Brown, do the please honourable thing for once in your career and either step aside or put your popularity and policies to the test and call an election.