Gene Vincent & The Coasters 78rpm Doo Wop / Rockabilly Records on Ebay!

Chucked a couple of really old shellac 78’s up on ebay today, both in really good nick considering they are 50+ years old now. Firstly the seminal rockabilly anthem ‘Be Bop a Lula’ By Gene Vincent and The Blue Caps backed with ‘Woman Love’.

A top ten hit in 1956 and one of the fore-runners of the early rockabilly sound, this piece is in good quality condition, with some surface marks and general wear but plays well. Due to the age of this item surface noise on playback is a given, however the noise and hiss do not over power the music.


Next up an all time classic tune: Yakety Yak by The Coasters backed with Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart. I’m sure most people will remember this tune (albeit the 2 Live Crew Version) from the Schwarzenegger/ DeVito box office smash ‘Twins’, you know the bit where Arnie is on the plane singing like a badman… Anyway, written by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller Yakety Yak hit number one in the US charts in 1958.

This item is over 50 years old so as expected there is significant wear to the shellac, however the item has survived well and plays through without significant pops and the surface noise, whilst ever present is not enough to disrupt your enjoyment of this great tune.
Here’s the two item auctions: