Geoff Barrow’s Stream and Dan Le Sac’s Maths

Righto, so I read this the other day: which led me onto Dan Le Sacs financial breakdown here. Now I mostly agree with what he says but he’s got the figures way wrong and I’m a pedant.


So check down to the final paragraph of the mathematical breakdown, we are all good upto this point, however when he tries to increase the total by thirty percent:
((£17,625.60/70)x30)+£17,625.60 = £25,179.42
he is in fact increasing the original figure by 42% because of the division by 70 rather than 100.


So the sum should read thus:
£17.625.60 * 1.3 = £22913.28
(check the workings: 17625.6/100 = 176.256 | 176.256 * 30 = 5287.68 | 17625.6 + 5287.68 = 22913.28)

There we go so his hypothetical total was £3000 more than his own workings allowed…


OK how does that affect the end rate per stream?
Well unfortunately Mr Le Sac has missed a couple of zero’s off his 34,000,000 there. If we do his sum again:
£25,179.42 / 340,000 = 0.07405712
which is more than 100 times larger than the amount comes to when the sum is done properly:
£22913.28 / 34,000,000 = 0.00067392

And there we have the correct answer, I have no issue with Dan, Geoff or anyone else, I just like to see the figures presented correctly.
So yeah does Geoff Barrow deserve to earn 6.7 thousandths of a pence everytime people stream his music? Nope, they should go and buy the vinyl instead!