Doom live at The Roundhouse 5th March 2010

Right then I went to The Roundhouse up in Camden last Friday night, which incidentally is a wicked venue. It’s kinda like a concert hall but with the big screen and lighting system set up it reminded me more of the main tent at last years Glade festival, only nowhere near as loud. I didn’t get there til late so missed all the support acts on beforehand, apparantly Ryoichi Kurokawa’s live audio visual set was a treat and I kinda wanted to check out Kidkanevil too but it’s my own fault for sitting around getting stoned all afternoon and not getting on the train sooner.
When I eventually rocked up, the bar was absoloutly packed and it was at least 20 minutes before, beer in hand, i began to investigate proceedings. There was no-one on stage at this point but some dodgy daft punk-esque electro house was playing, to pretty much everyone’s confusion, and the lighting guy was fucking about with all his effects. Various theories were flying about as to what the hell was going on, I reckon it was either Doom tormenting us with some shit tunes to get that extra impact when he finally strode on or the soundguy badly misjudged the audience for the show. That went on for at least 40-45 minutes and eventually I got bored an nipped outside to the freezing balcony for a quick smoke, which by the law of sod meant the show was bound to start.
True to form soon as I stepped out the lights had gone down and things kicked off, he was into his second tune by the time i was back in the room and i’d missed comedy imposters and god knows what else. Don’t you hate that?  I didn’t mind at all by this point, Doom was onstage, probably. Doom! It was wicked, people were definately up for it and getting lively. Doom was banging through a varied set list: All Caps, Antimatter, Ballskin, Curls, Fazers, Gazillion Ear plus a bunch of other tunes i’ve forgotten, touching on pretty much all of his projects in the last 5 years. I was loving every minute, been jabbering on about him to anyone who’ll listen for years so this was some kind of zen shit for me.
Over on the BBC some guy is saying it wasn’t Doom, well i’m not really sure what he’s saying to be honest. The guy onstage knew all the words to the songs, he looked just like the guy in the obscure photo’s on my record sleeves, the sound system wasn’t crystal clear but he sounded pretty similiar too. I’ve never met him in the flesh though so I couldn’t say for certain but the dude onstage seemed pretty Doom-ish.
Whether it was the real Doom or not, I still loved it, Doom’s tunes could be performed by a tone def, grumpy, one armed siberian dwarf  and i’d still be loving them, so perhaps I was always destined to enjoy this evening. Anyway if you didn’t go you’re clearly crackers, UK needs more Doom!!
Here’s a little video I shot of him performing figaro.:

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