DOOM & Company Flow – London 23rd July

Doom & Company Flow together on the same stage? Wow! The All Tomorrow’s Parties guys have been running nights for a few years now but the line-up has always been a bit too ‘hipster’ for my simple tastes. This however looks like a prime event for 2011! Doom and Co Flow – fuck yeh. I presume Big Juss and EL P have made up cos I’ll be pissed off to find only 2/3rds of the group show up after paying £64 for a ticket!! Not that I got one yet, but it looks good, I’m really tempted right now, the main drawback being I’m terminally skint this year…

Having said that I’ve got no idea who The Books, Factory Floor, Beak> or dd/mm/yyy are, no doubt they’re all shit… So yeah apart from being over-expensve, this looks like a good shout. Music is running from midday through to 11pm… I’m not sure whether i will get a ticket or not, gimme a shout if you’re interested though.

Tickets on sale here