DJ Spinbad – The Snoop Dizzle Mixtizzle

DJ Spinbad has been busy so far in 2011, I just checked out his website and seen he’s dropped the ultimate Snoop mixtape which is up for free download on his website (or you could just

click here)

In fact go on his site now and click the mixtapes tab and check out some of the fucking blistering sets he’s got up there. Spinbad is one of my favourite DJ’s, the dude is a fucking legend!

1. Intro- Spinbad
2. Deep Cover- Snoop/Dr. Dre
3. Drop It Like It’s Hot- Snoop
4. Down 4 My Ni**az- Snoop verse
5. Pay Ya Dues- Snoop
6. Chin Check- Snoop verse (NWA)
7. Wrong Idea- Snoop verse (Bad Azz)
8. Nuthin’ But A G Thang- Snoop/Dr. Dre
9. Next Episode- Snoop/Dr. Dre
10. Lay Low- Snoop/Nate Dogg
11. The One & Only- Snoop
12. Pump Pump- Snoop
13. What’s My Name- Snoop
14. Gin & Juice- Snoop
15. Tha Shiznit- Snoop
16. Bi**h Please- Snoop verse (Xzibit)
17. Bi**hes Ain’t Sh*t- Snoop verse
18. WCSR- Snoop verse (Kid Rock)
19. Gangsta Party- Snoop/2Pac
20. Ain’t No Fun- Snoop/Nate Dogg/Kurupt/Warren G.
21. I Wanna Rock- Snoop
22. Still D.R.E.- Snoop/Dr. Dre
23. Kush- Snoop/Dr.Dre/Akon
24. The Wash- Snoop verse
25. Dangerous MCs – Snoop/Notorious B.I.G./Busta Rhymes
26. Real Gs- Snoop
27. P.I.M.P. Rmx- Snoop verse (50 Cent)
28. Gz & Hustlaz- Snoop