Dillinja – Thugs 12″

I purchased the original copy (on the left) of Tronik Funk / Thugs after hearing Thugs getting rinsed on various mixtapes in the previous months back when it came out, says ’98 on discogs! shit! I remember eagerly ringing up Tom @ Redeye to place an order as soon as it appeared on the release sheet that dropped through my letterbox. I’d not had it long before it got left on the parcel shelf of a mates car in a small record bag with a few other tunes sitting in the sun for an afternoon. All the records in that particular bag were rendered unplayable and ever since the 12″ on the left has been stuck to my wall. A most unfortunate series of events!

I can’t quite remember where the 2nd copy of TEST3 came from. Probably came across it whilst browsing somewhere, it wasn’t until many years later though. I have played Tronik Funk a few times since but had not figured out up until yesterday, when I was overtaken with the urgent desire to play Thugs – as sometimes happens when one is a DJ, the repress doesn’t have Thugs on the flip despite what the label says!

I was most confused when neither side sounded like Thugs after finding it in the stacks, I had to dig out the crusty old one and check lol. It’s some tune called Weapon Of Choice instead a mispress according to Discogs. Maybe I noticed in the past and forgot, this time I’m leaving an indelible records on the www, no forgetting!

I’ve still got that need to listen to Thugs lol, ok Discogs here I come..