Barcelona 2009

So I literally just got back from Barcelona 5 minutes ago, where I’ve been having it since Friday. We left Newbury at around midday and made it out there with the minimum of fuss, arriving at the hotel (which was plush-as-fuck!) around 9:30pm local time. Wasn’t long before we were on road hitting a restaurant and then the bars and eventually ending up at a mental beach party in the early hours of Saturday morning. The debauchery continued throughout Saturday and Sunday only ending a few hours before 6:30am (5:30am GMT) when we had to rock back to the airport and return to normality… Barcelona is a banging city, I’ve been to a few spots in Espagnol in the past and Barca is definitely the best one by a fair distance, Go There Now! The people were all cool as fuck, the women are all Hot! and the weather was perfect making for a badass weekend all round. I missed so much sleep and am already back at work suffering, ugghhh, gonna sleep well tonite ya knowz.
Here’s a few random photo’s I took on my wanderings….