Amen Break 101

If you don’t know, then take 20 minutes and find the fuck out….


lol at the way he says ragga about 5 mins it and the jeep advert!

Also: side note there’s allot of stuff he says after bout 7mins with a pinch, breakcore and mangled breaks wise, and also there’s fuckin loads of breaks, in one of the tracks he plays they’re just running the Amen snares chopped up over the Hardstep break, layering is the key!

side note: this dude is a dick.
By the time you get to 14 minutes, you realize what his gig is.
I’m sampling his voice right now…

He’s also saying that the more stuff in the public domain the better creatively we will all be, which is good sense.
And make no mistake the dudes from the Jungle Warfare sample series don’t give 2 fucks about locking
down copyright on breaks they didn’t own. Mugs game.