Cut through the bullshit

Cutting through the bullshit is how you get from just being a member of the news audience to analyzing information. Becoming an active analyst rather than a passive consumer of news changes the power dynamic inherent in traditional media. Taking control of your information is the first step in taking control of your world.

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Freedom Of Information

Here a link to a website that publishes FOI requests made by members of the public. Good for a browse or whatnot…

Nando’s – well offshore mate

All you need is a bunch of subsidiary companies in tax havens and a family trust and you too could halve the taxable profit your business generates! Whilst it’s ‘legal’ to embark on a project like this the rules were not designed to allow companies to create a corporate structure specifically to save 50% on their UK tax bill, which is what it looks like they have done from here.

It’s a bit unfair not to mention some of the other supreme tax avoiders of our time, such as Vodafone, Thames Water, Barclays, Amazon, Google, Starbucks & Gary Barlow. It’s all mostly legal schemes and structures they use to save their tax money, but it should also be obvious to the taxman that the only reason they are using these convoluted schemes is to siphon a few quid off the profits.

I may not be as thoroughly educated as the Rt Hon Members who make these decisions but I think it is pretty obvious we have a massive problem with the system here, I wonder how long before something gets done about it?

Naomi Klein article on Climate change in The Guardian

Do you have

…the confidence to believe that a different way of living is possible.


Another excellent article from Naomi Klein

RIP Brain Haw


Sad news today as I learned that Brian Haw the Peace Protestor who has been camped outside the houses of parliament since 2001, has died yesterday. This man had the courage to choose to make the campaign for peace his personal business, and I have nothing but respect for him for doing that. Would you camp on a pavement in London for ten years because you believed in an issue? RIP.

Election 2010 Fail

Oh dear oh dear, seems allot of people voted Conservative yesterday.

Here’s how the figures broke down for the Newbury Constituency:

Rt Hon Richard ‘Tricky Dicky’ Benyon – Conservative – 33057 votes – 56.4%

Dr David Rendel – Liberal Democrats – 20809 votes – 35.5%

Hannah Cooper – Labour – 2505 votes – 4.3%

David Black – UK Independance Party – 1475 votes – 2.5%

Adrian Hollister – Green Party – 490 votes – 0.8%

Brian Burgess – Independant – 158 votes – 0.3%

David Yates – Apolitical Democrats – 95 votes – 0.2%

Voting Turnout: 70.2% (well done to the 30% who stayed at home – you’re the cretins expressly to blame for this mess, Chumps)

So there it is, Benyon retains his seat comfortably, how I do not know – I emailed him 3 times about 3 seperate issues which i considered to be highly important in the last 4 years – The Digital Economy Bill (which he didn’t vote on), and the Accountability of Elected Persons Bill (which basically spelt out how politicians were accountable to their constituents) and he declined to do anything at all about either issue, although his secretary did take the time to send me a nice patronizing reply insinuating I didn’t know what I was talking about.

Vote you Turkeys!

So then Today Is THE Day.

I’ve had enough of Mr Brown as I’m sure everybody has – except for the workshy benefit scungers among us who must have thought the last few years were like Christmas everyday!! £550 Housing benefit a month!? That’s an expensive vote you bought there Brown…. Still ain’t going to save you is it.

So get out there peopleand cast your vote. As you’re doig it just imagine how you will feel to find Brown is still in charge, then imagine how you would feel to wake up on friday to find Cameron is in charge… same feeling huh – vote Green

The Liberal Democrats

Sorry to keep banging on about it but the date for the Election has now been set for 6th May 2010.

We have three real choices:

Labour for more of the same abuse we have been suffering for the last 13 years.

Conservative for some new and slightly different flavours of abuse.
Liberal Democrats who vow to clean up politics, and change Britian for the good.

In my humble opinion Labour have sold this country down the road since 1997. They have consistenly promised the earth, and then failed to deliver on every stage.
For Instance in 1999 Labour approved the spending of £170 Million pounds on new CCTV schemes,  a study which was done in  2004 by analysts MDB estimated that the spend on CCTV installation and maintenance in the previous decade (1994 – 2004) at approximately £4-5 Billion not taking the 24 monitering of the images into account. Now this isn’t so bad if they actually improved conviction rates and made the area safer for residents.  However it pretty apparant from personal experience and a wealth of evidence that its not the case.
I have freinds who have been beaten up by bouncers outside Liquid nightclub after a night on the tiles, however when they have requested the CCTV footage – a perfectly legitimate request as you are entitled to a copy of anything your image is on, they have fobbed them off with excuses, ah the camera’s weren’t pointing that way or that incident wasn’t recorded. All bullshit.
Basically goes to prove that once again the Labour government wasted a FUCKING truckload of our hard earned monies on a useless fucking system. We are the most watched country in the World by quite a margin, all down to Labour’s ridiculous social policies.
With regard to crime prevention, when you allow for the fact that crimes have been categorized differently over the last 13 years to fiddle the statistics, It appears that in real terms the most violent crime has increased by 44%. What the fuck? So they spend BILLIONS on this CCTV system and the figures go up. Well it’s pretty fucking obvious the 1984 state isn’t going to work. Next question: How Many Ministers have ‘interests’ in the CCTV providing and maintenance companies??
Also think ID Cards, Digital Economy Bill (no more free WIFI) and its pretty obvious Labour don’t want to court the people, they want to suck fuckin global corporation dick and they are happy to sell our liberty to get their lips round it.

As Nick Clegg said:
“You’ve failed. It’s over. It’s time to go.”
Check him out…

Digital Economy Bill

Some of you may be aware, many probably are not, but the Digital Economy Bill is due for it’s second reading in Parliament this afternoon. This piece of legislation is a prime example of everything that is wrong and rotten through British politics at the moment.
Firstly those conniving cnuts politicians have timed the reading in order to get the bill into the “wash up”, a westminster process of backroom wheeling and dealing for bills that have run out of time to be properly debated in parliament, in order to get them to Royal assent (and therefore law). Ya Vol! Watch it UK, no democracy needed to pass laws up in this motherfucker!
Secondly, the entire thing is bollocks, Jack Skellington aka Purdy Peter Mandelson has basically gone round all the biggest media companies selling off any freedoms or consumer rights we might have had to the highest bidder trying to achieve fairness for all… Or has he….

Check this page for a quick breakdown of what is in it and what isn’t.

Most importantly though, we’re suddenly all fucking criminals:

Reducing online piracy and copyright theft

By far the most contentious part of the bill and the source of huge popular opposition. The DEB adds a clause to the Communications Act 2003 that says that ISPs must provide “copyright owners” (defined murkily in the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act’s section 173 with details (though not identities) of copyright infringers. Quite possibly, anyone could claim to be a copyright owner.
As altered, the bill now allows for ISPs to be required to block access to sites that allow “substantial” infringement. One of Lord Mandelson’s principal targets here – urged on by the BPI and Federation Against Copyright Theft and Federation Against Software Theft – is “cyberlocker” sites that let people store files, or move them between two people easily, which, lobbyists argue, allows widespread copyright infringement. The argument then becomes how you tell whether a cyberlocker is being used for substantial infringement. But as they don’t publicise their contents (they are like safe deposit boxes for the web), how can it be determined whether they are substantially infringing?
One site that would immediately be trapped by this provision is Wikileaks – which exists solely to republish leaked, and hence copyrighted, work. Would a Trafigura-like company in the future use the DEB to shut off UK access to the site if something embarrassing appeared there?
The bill allows for the “temporary suspension” of internet connections for those deemed to have allowed multiple copyright infringement after warnings from their ISPs (who are required to maintain “copyright infringement reports” on users, anonymously). Hotels and businesses that offer free or paid-for Wi-Fi have expressed serious concerns that they would have to shut such services down.
The record industry is happy with the proposals, but many citizens aren’t: in two days more than 10,000 people had contacted their MP via the 38 Degrees site to express concern and demand proper debate of the proposals.
A “proper” debate would take so long it would kill the bill – although Harriet Harman, the leader of the Commons, did suggest in a tweet that it will get “debate”. The Tories, however, seem to be in favour.
(nicked from The Guardian)

See that some bullshit right there.

So I sent Benyon an email today asking him to push for more indepth debate and to clear up some of the more conentious issues before voting the thing through.

I urge you all to do the same, his email address is