New Onyx & Ice Cube LPs due in 2014

This is pretty odd, I assumed Cube had given up on Hip Hop but he’s got an album, ‘Eveythangs Corrupt’ out in March this year, this is the lead single:

All very nice 90s fare, then gets a bit more militant at the switch on 1m 40s when they strip out the big break and start looping that violin. Dunno know whether I like it or not.
‘Y’all can’t wrestle with a giant squid?’ indeed, Mr Cube.

An earlier in the week someone mentioned that ONYX were releasing new material. I had a little look and they are doing exactly that. Looks like those German dudes The Snowgoons have done all the production on it, and it does sound quite onyxesque in that gloomy fashion. Still I got bored about halfway through the video, have a look for yourselves.

Nehruvian Doom Trailer

Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton

Theatrical trailer for Stones Throw ‘movie’, looks pretty intrestin…

De La Soul Valentines Day Special

logo Those lovely guys De La Soul have got everybody a Valentine Days present! Simply sign up for their mailing list and you can download any or all of their previous albums digitally.
Much Love Guys.

I think it’s a one day only affair so don’t hesitate!

Mr Scruff @ Creative Commons (5hr set)

Some absolutely wicked tunes tucked away in here. Enjoy…


14th December – Beats & Bass @ The Jack


This week in Jack of Newbury we have Jon Deviant, DJ Darkie and myself playing some heavy bass and beats from 8pm. Expect lots of ragga tinged badness etc as per normal!

More new Hip Hopolata

Joey Bada$$’s new mixtape yo…

More Bada$$…

See I don’t dislike either of those tracks, but – in ten years time I can’t see myself remembering what it is, let alone foaming at the mouth and going nuts when I can’t find the 12″ like I was doing the other day about K-lash’s Murda, Doom’s Go With The Flow and East Flat Bush Project’s Tried By Twelve. In other news


and Smoke Dza done this back in June too:

which I kinda like, offa the Rugby Thompson release.
Anyhoo I’m about ready to play some records after all this listening an typing, check Mixlr in about ten minutes for some vibes in hip hopped out fashion yeah.


Right, I talked about this yout man a while back, so now hear some bars

He’s just picked up a deal with Lex records and there is a Doom collab on the cards as a first release. I’m just gonna hit that replay button now…

Dr Zodiak, Kurupt & King L’il G – Caviar & Champagne

Fast forward to 1 minute in for the drop.
This is nice, even the way the Musical Youth – Pass the Dutchie sample flips is samooth I reckonz, especially with that horn line. Did the West Coast just register their return to form?
Yep, maybe they did.
In June Stones Throw put this next tune out on a hip hop compilation called ‘The Beat Box’, apparantly it came out on Stones Throw originally dropped in 2011 (which despite being a solid enthusiast of the label I totally missed), this is tasty though, check it:

So Homeless Derelix aka Grand VIS and The Architect are also dope, and yep thats my Mother on the phone. til next time….