Oh dear oh dear, seems allot of people voted Conservative yesterday.

Here’s how the figures broke down for the Newbury Constituency:

Rt Hon Richard ‘Tricky Dicky’ Benyon – Conservative – 33057 votes – 56.4%

Dr David Rendel – Liberal Democrats – 20809 votes – 35.5%

Hannah Cooper – Labour – 2505 votes – 4.3%

David Black – UK Independance Party – 1475 votes – 2.5%

Adrian Hollister – Green Party – 490 votes – 0.8%

Brian Burgess – Independant – 158 votes – 0.3%

David Yates – Apolitical Democrats – 95 votes – 0.2%

Voting Turnout: 70.2% (well done to the 30% who stayed at home – you’re the cretins expressly to blame for this mess, Chumps)

So there it is, Benyon retains his seat comfortably, how I do not know – I emailed him 3 times about 3 seperate issues which i considered to be highly important in the last 4 years – The Digital Economy Bill (which he didn’t vote on), and the Accountability of Elected Persons Bill (which basically spelt out how politicians were accountable to their constituents) and he declined to do anything at all about either issue, although his secretary did take the time to send me a nice patronizing reply insinuating I didn’t know what I was talking about.