Live on The Roof Terrace, The Newbury 3rd July

For your consideration this Friday night in Newbury.

the-newbury-3-07-2015I’ll be undertaking part two of the ongoing roof terrace based musical shenanigans in The Newbury this Friday evening. I’ve got no idea what specific music I’ll take along but whatever it turns out to be, you can bet your sweet bippy it’s gonna be funky.

If you’re still up for more on Saturday I’m taking part in a fundraising event at A Taste Of England where there will be allsorts of stuff going on all day and into the evening. Music kicks off about from 14:00, with DJ’s taking over from live performers at around 6ish i think…. Should be a good day out!

Cut through the bullshit

Cutting through the bullshit is how you get from just being a member of the news audience to analyzing information. Becoming an active analyst rather than a passive consumer of news changes the power dynamic inherent in traditional media. Taking control of your information is the first step in taking control of your world.

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Live on The Roof Terrace in The Newbury

the-newbury-30-05-2015The Newbury is launching a new line in Friday and Saturday night entertainment hosted on their lovely roof terrace. Every week will see different DJ’s including Keep Off The Grass, Von Spicer & Gary Lavish dropping in and playing an variety of music throughout the summer. It’s all kicking off tonight with Funky House Friday and I’m taking over the controls for a little session tomorrow night.

Music kicks off at about 8pm and I’ll taking a box of some classic hip hop, breaks, funk & jazz records for your listening pleasure. Check it out on facebook here

Geoff Barrow’s Stream and Dan Le Sac’s Maths

Righto, so I read this the other day: which led me onto Dan Le Sacs financial breakdown here. Now I mostly agree with what he says but he’s got the figures way wrong and I’m a pedant.


So check down to the final paragraph of the mathematical breakdown, we are all good upto this point, however when he tries to increase the total by thirty percent:
((£17,625.60/70)x30)+£17,625.60 = £25,179.42
he is in fact increasing the original figure by 42% because of the division by 70 rather than 100.


So the sum should read thus:
£17.625.60 * 1.3 = £22913.28
(check the workings: 17625.6/100 = 176.256 | 176.256 * 30 = 5287.68 | 17625.6 + 5287.68 = 22913.28)

There we go so his hypothetical total was £3000 more than his own workings allowed…


OK how does that affect the end rate per stream?
Well unfortunately Mr Le Sac has missed a couple of zero’s off his 34,000,000 there. If we do his sum again:
£25,179.42 / 340,000 = 0.07405712
which is more than 100 times larger than the amount comes to when the sum is done properly:
£22913.28 / 34,000,000 = 0.00067392

And there we have the correct answer, I have no issue with Dan, Geoff or anyone else, I just like to see the figures presented correctly.
So yeah does Geoff Barrow deserve to earn 6.7 thousandths of a pence everytime people stream his music? Nope, they should go and buy the vinyl instead!


10369917_10153053153563905_7445288610905834555_nThis coming Friday night is DJ Stashas little jam at Bar Sport in Newbury, music etc is kicking off at around 8pm and going on til late. I’m going to be taking a choice few 7″‘s down there too and spinning some riddims alongside Stasha. Looking foward to rocking Newbury with some basslines!

Frank Zappa spotted in Cornwall


Last weeks radio show.

SDM & The Colonel – Reggae on Kennet Radio – 22nd Nov 2014 by Shaolindrunkenmonk on Mixcloud

Bespoke Ambivalence

New shit mashing down the hedgerows…

DJ Craze EDM diss