Facebook, Twitter Bots & Cambridge Analytica

Have you liked over 150 things on facebook? Uh oh… you’ve probably been compromised:

“These Facebook profiles – especially people’s “likes” – could be correlated across millions of others to produce uncannily accurate results. Michal Kosinski, the centre’s lead scientist, found that with knowledge of 150 likes, their model could predict someone’s personality better than their spouse. With 300, it understood you better than yourself. “Computers see us in a more robust way than we see ourselves,” says Kosinski.”

So what? Well the director of Cambridge University’s Psychometric Centre, Professor Jonathan Rust thinks:

““… With this, a computer can actually do psychology, it can predict and potentially control human behaviour. It’s what the scientologists try to do but much more powerful. It’s how you brainwash someone. It’s incredibly dangerous.”

‘All very dystopian, but sounds unlikely, how would you even sue that information’ I hear you say. Umm maybe not:

“Sam Woolley of the Oxford Internet Institute’s computational propaganda institute tells me that one third of all traffic on Twitter before the EU referendum was automated “bots” – accounts that are programmed to look like people, to act like people, and to change the conversation, to make topics trend. And they were all for Leave. Before the US election, they were five-to-one in favour of Trump – many of them Russian. Last week they have been in action in the Stoke byelection – Russian bots, organised by who? – attacking Paul Nuttall.”

I’m not defending Paul Nuttall, the dudes an idiot, merely pointing out how this system is being used to skew social media in dark directions. If you don’t agree with me I’m going to assume you’re already brainwashed. lol.

Gleaned from the article:

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Live on MixLR

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This lot is mainly Hip Hop / Rock n Roll / 1960’s Pop / 1980’stuff, mostly 7″s but with a few 12″ chucked in too..


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