Mixlr Showreel

mixlr_logo So all the shows I record on Mixlr are stored in my showreel page. is the link and you can currently find 5 pages of mixes covering all sorts of music going back to 2012, all of which was done drunkenly! A Woo Ga.

Drum n Bass Archives Project cont…

13134-2 So tonight around at about 8pm I’m going to drop an hour and a bits worth of Drum and Bass on Mixlr. I’ve been rummaging through the old shelves and have pulled out some of Nu Urban Music biggest tunes from the Golden Era of dnb, so a pile of classics really. Check it out on Mixlr later on.

DJ Set @ Full Fat, Milk Bar Reading, 5th April 2014

full-fat I’ve got a gig on Reading on Saturday 5th April, playing some hip hop, glitch hop and funk up in the Milk Bar in reading alongside Lebrosk.
It’s free to get in and right near the train station in Reading so no excuses for not popping in to support!

Here’s the facebook group: join up, get involved, have a nice time.

Shit kicks off at 8pm..

J Rocc Set up on The Boiler Room

Sunday Night Drum n Bass Sessions on MixLR

Week Two.
I’ve got another bag of pure vinyl goodness together and will be kicking off the tunes at precisely 20:15pm here.

Tune Of The Week Sir Joe Quarterman & Free Soul – I’ve Got So Much Trouble (On My Mind)

Originally big in 1973 this quality cut of funk was on the lead single from their eponymous debut album, it was also the first release on GSF Records. Bad Tune.

DJ Q Bert & DJ Shortkut in The Boiler Room San Francisco


Little bit more Thud Rumble news for you.
Firstly QBerts next album: Extraterrestria / Galaxxxian successfully achieved funding via kickstarter.
Check out some of the packages on offer, $1000 to have QBert cutting on your track is probably a bargain..

Also hitting the circuitboards recently were a couple of recordings from a recent Boiler Room gig in San Francisco. Well worth a listen in those two hours before lunch today!
DJ Qbert
Video / Boiler Room / Soundcloud
DJ Shortkut
Video / Boiler Room / Soundcloud

The Drum and Bass Mix Archive Project

My intention is to mix my way thourgh the several thousand drum and bass records I got sitting about. Check it on Mixlr on the regs starting now.


Sunday Night Sessions!

Free Riot Jazz Brass Band Download

riot-jazzIn order to promote a show on Friday 28th March at Crucifix Lane, London – the Riot Jazz Brass Band have popped a tune up for free download on their bandcamp page. Go get it.